Our History


We have over a quarter of a century of experience and relationships to drive your business in New Zealand supermarkets. The business commenced in 1988 by Maurice Anstiss as one of the NZ’s first sales agencies into supermarkets and with his retirement in 2004 the business was acquired by Brian Phillimore the current owner and Managing Director.


Our team brings a wide range of experience from New World store Owners to Foodstuffs employees with corporate and non-corporate sales experience. We bring a diverse range of knowledge and ideas to our brands and with an average tenure of 10 years with our company we have fostered a culture that goes beyond the next sale. We have developed excellent store and supermarket group head office relationships over a long period of time and we are able to trade on these relationships on a daily basis. Everyone in our team is actively engaged in on-going training and development covering the spectrum of key account management, sales training, through to an MBA, and most importantly we bring everyday knowledge of the industry to work every day.

Our portfolio covers premium and mainstream brands which encompass the full socio-economic spectrum of NZ Supermarkets. The strength of our portfolio enables us to trade off each brand to get the best result for you in each store. Most of our brands are ambient grocery and are now number one or two in their category and in every case have a larger market share than when commencing.

The Vision

By engaging our services your brand will grow faster, with more success and greater profitability. You will receive better feedback and understanding of the market and your company will benefit from our quality relationships.

How do we know this?

Utilising Aztec data we have benchmarked the market growth of our portfolio of agencies against the other major sales agency firms operating in NZ for the last two years. The average sales brokerage growth was 6.2% p.a versus total generic market growth of only 1.3%. College Hill growth over the same period was 12.3% – almost double that of other sales agencies.

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Culture Matters

We believe decisions are best made by those closest to the coalface. Stores want to deal with decision makers, not order takers. Supermarket group head offices want innovative thinking not “me too” representation.

Supermarkets are more demanding than they have ever been so we need to be smarter and more creative as a team to solve challenges. What we do together gets the right result for your brand.

Our Brand stands for:  

  • Partnership focused, winning together
  • Leaders not followers
  • Not tied to convention
  • Openness sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Our team is our advantage
  • A passion for grocery. We live it.
  • Best not the biggest


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