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SINCE 1988

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A strategic and razor focused sales agency.
We bring knowledge and expertise to profitably grow your brand in New Zealand supermarkets.

College Hill Agencies:  We are a New Zealand owned full-service sales agency specialising in the grocery market since 1988. Our focus is on building lasting relationships, mutual profitability, and brand value for the companies we represent.

Great brands require nurturing and attention at store and head office. To achieve this we focus on a tight portfolio of brands so that you can be assured that your brand is getting the very best representation. 

Whatever your plans and ambitions feel free to contact us. We are open to sharing our ideas and experience with no obligation. We want your business to succeed because our business is based on your success.



In-store sales
Key account management
Supply chain management
Product launch
And a whole lot more.


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Try something brand new.

Fewer clients. More attention.

College Hill EDGE was started in July 2017 to answer the demand for great representation in the Chilled and Frozen departments of the supermarket.

We do things better... a small number of clients, dedicated Reps, and the benefit of a larger team when required. Our references are our clients' results. 

Contact us to have a chat about how we can make your sales soar and get your chilled or frozen brand to stand out from the crowd. 

Brian Phillimore: 0274 419 050  /  brian@cha.co.nz
Richard Clulee: 0275 435 323  /  richard@cha.co.nz  

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Our Services


Our regional sales team know how to unlock the shop floor opportunities. The head office team provides support by enabling the sales team to make decisions that matter to your brand. 

Our sales representation includes: 
• Focused monthly reporting and targets
• Strong in-store relationships
• The autonomy to make the right decision
• In-store deal and retail price point management
• In-store credit management
• Call cycles – solid appropriate call cycle in all areas


Our creative and experienced team can give you input into brand strategy and new opportunities. 

This can include: 
• A fresh look at your product in the marketplace
• Brain-storming sessions
• Business development ideas
• Smart representation
• New approach at store level
• Lateral solution focused thinking

Our team also provides serious grunt work for creating customised reports, processing orders, and automated invoicing. 


Shelf management is a critical component of success. We believe finding initial space and securing an appropriate number of facings in the right spot is the most important factor in the potential success or failure of your product. 

The management includes: 
• Shelf positioning
• Number of facings
• Price points
• Space to sales and rate of sale comparison to competitors


We will help navigate your new product through the phases of launching in the supermarket world, including:

• Investigating how your product fits the market
Meeting the specific requirements to present your new product to the Supermarket Category Managers 
• Getting your new product into each supermarket and supporting its presence
• Providing customised reporting on how your product is tracking



The Marketplace

We primarily service the
New Zealand supermarket industry.


Employing more than 30,000 people nationwide, Foodstuffs is 100% Kiwi owned and operated. 

  • Foodstuffs North Island Limited - covering the entire North Island.
  • Foodstuffs South Island Limited - covering the entire South Island.

Each of the regional co-operatives is owned by its retail members, and operates independently with its own board and management. There are no common members or shareholders.

The two regional co-operatives jointly own Foodstuffs (NZ) Limited, a small non-trading entity, which plays a very important role in expanding the organisation's profile, and in representing the two co-operatives' interests on issues of national or grocery-specific importance.

Brands: New World, Pak N' Save, Four Square, Raeward Fresh


Progressive Enterprises owns and operates over 183 Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand with 18,500 employees in stores, support offices, processing plants and distribution centres.

Progressive Enterprises is part of Woolworths Limited, and is also the franchisor of the Super Value and Fresh Choice supermarkets, which represents a further 56 stores, also part of the Woolworths group.

Brands: Countdown, Fresh Choice, Super Value


Our Key Customers

Brands we proudly represent:

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Brian Phillimore

Email brian@cha.co.nz  Phone +64 9 360 6160  DDI +64 9 320 3683  Fax +64 9 360 6190
56 College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011. PO Box 47529 Ponsonby, Auckland 1144

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